Quick-Hit Research for Medical and Dental Fields

A Visual of Quick-Hit Research in Action

The following case study is an example specifically from the medical field. We’ve discovered that the quick-hit research model also works exceptionally well in the dental industry.


The Problem

A medical equipment manufacturer believes the market for their product is shifting from a heavily male audience and seeing a higher female presence. They believe the female clients will also be able to exert a significant level of influence over medical equipment purchase decisions. 

If they’re right, the company plans to offer a product line with a smaller profile to meet the changing physical profile of their client base. Before they get too far into the development process, they want to test their hypotheses.


The Solution

Quick-hit research may be the perfect solution for this company. Actionable Research’s Insight Streamer platform addresses a variety of methodologies, including Exploratory, which we would recommend for this situation. 

Exploratory research is a more general methodology. It focuses on providing an intimate view of the demographics, firmographics, needs, and behaviors of an audience or industry.

We would work with this company to develop a short number of carefully crafted questions regarding audience composition and buying influence in an effort to validate their hypotheses. They would also have the option to include an additional number of questions, perhaps using this opportunity to validate or discover other audience information such as purchase timing or preferences.

From the inception of this project to the final report, Actionable Research could provide results in as little as two weeks. A quick turnaround time at an affordable price would give the company the answers they would need to make decisions about next steps, and would leave money in their research budget for concept tests or messaging studies in the future.


Insight Streamer

If you’ve been tinkering with a new idea, but you need to quickly and affordably verify your hypotheses before taking your next steps, Actionable Research proudly offers our Insight Streamer services. With pricing starting as low as $3,995, we can take your single-objective study and return analyzed and reported results in as little as two weeks. Contact us today to learn more about Insight Streamer, and whether this platform would be right for your needs.

Insight Streamer Delivers Results Quickly and Affordably