Actionable by Design Brief - February and March 2015
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Method Spotlight: The 2 Most Important Takeaways from Product Concept Test

In City Slickers, Curly said you have to find your one thing.  For product concept testing, there are two important key takeaways which should become the data you live for until your product is launched.

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Market Research for Making Truly Great Products
How to Integrate Market Research into Making Truly Great Products

Jeff Weiner hit the nail on the head with his article on how to make truly great products.  Here is now primary market research fits into the equation.

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Why You Need to Consider Your Customer AND Their Support Team's Needs

Your end customer likely has a support team, and their needs are likely different and critical to successful marketing in B2C and B2B. We explore what this means for your market research requirements.

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Considering your Customer and Their Support Teams is More Important than You Thought

Segmentation Your Sales Team Will Own... Like a Boss
Segmentation Your Sales Team Will Own

Unused segmentation schemes are so common, they have gotten a bad name. In this post, we explore how to insure optimal ownership of the segemntation scheme development process.

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Price Elasticity Research - Quantitative Reasons to Believe

Price elasticity market research using conjoint can identify your strongest value proposition narratives or reasons to believe in your offering. Done correctly, they can be your market research swiss army knife.

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Price Elasticity Research- Quantitative Reasons to Believe