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What's the Common Factor in All Marketing Research Efforts

The business of delivering primary market research insights is changing. As a 20-year market research veteran, I can testify to this and, most of the time, the changes are for the better. ... Read More

For Dashboard-Delivered Market Research Insights, Access Control Means More Freedom

Based on our experiences working with large companies who have multiple market research stakeholders, I can say it is easy to see the challenge in distributing research ... Read More

How to Keep Your Marketing Research Insights Alive

The Trouble with Static Slides As marketing researchers, we know how challenging it can be to communicate marketing research insights, perhaps feeling ... Read More

Needs-Based Segmentation is a Compelling Path to More Efficient Marketing

As we dig further into additional ways to group and divide up your customers and prospects, also known as segmentation, we at Actionable Research wish to touch on as many techniques and methods as possible, provided ... Read More

Why Most Companies Need a Whole Lot More Segmentation Marketing Research

You can’t miss the headlines, blog posts, and articles that are all telling you there is a deficiency in your life: you need to take more vitamin D, you need to drink more ... Read More

Making the Net Promoter Score Actionable for Customer Experience Measurement

I remember when the Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS, came into view in 2004. As a marketing research firm specialized in customer loyalty measurement, my clients were asking if we were familiar with this new ... Read More

Customer Experience Measurement is Actionable When it is Event-Driven, Says Science

Big Events That Happen to Customers are Most Likely to Cause Changes in Loyalty and are Critical for Tracking There has been debate over time as to how customers’ ... Read More

Customer Experience Management Begins with Customer Experience Measurement

 In the 1940s, Dr. Edwards Deming introduced the world to the wonders of “statistical quality control”, bringing his work to post-World War II Japan in 1950. That time ... Read More

Why Shortening the Research Planning Cycle is Brilliant for Your Company

If you follow our blog topics, you have seen a lot of information concerning the new paradigm of quick-hit market research and Insight Streamer, Actionable Research’s new ... Read More

Why Marketing Research Methods Matter Most

In the quest to get clear answers on product marketing questions, messaging priorities, product development issues, pricing, and customer satisfaction, there are a few ... Read More