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Customer Experience Management Begins with Customer Experience Measurement

 In the 1940s, Dr. Edwards Deming introduced the world to the wonders of “statistical quality control”, bringing his work to post-World War II Japan in 1950. That time marked the beginning of that ... Read More

Why Shortening the Research Planning Cycle is Brilliant for Your Company

If you follow our blog topics, you have seen a lot of information concerning the new paradigm of quick-hit market research and Insight Streamer, Actionable Research’s new service offering to help meet these ... Read More

Marketing Research Without Methods is a Waste of Time

Research Design is a Critical Component of Successful Research In the quest to get clear answers on product marketing questions, ... Read More

Primary Marketing Research Has Been Hacked, and It Never Will Be the Same Again

Since its start nearly 100 years ago, marketing research has gone through several big changes, few as significant as that for which we are poised currently. Looking back nearly 50 years, the implementation ... Read More

Should You Do Focus Groups or One-on-One Interviews?

If you have been involved in either commissioning or executing qualitative research, the question has almost certainly come up: Should we do focus groups or one-on-one interviews? Below are the 5 most important questions to answer before you make your ... Read More

5 Additional Expert Tips for Effective Focus Group Moderation

In my previous post “6 Tips for Effective Focus Group Moderation,” I addressed the factors and tips necessary to ensure focus group success. Once you have ... Read More

6 Expert Tips for Effective Focus Group Moderation

Regardless of the negative press they have received, focus groups are still an important research methodology and can provide a wealth of information about your topic/product. There are no substitutes when ... Read More

When Should I Use One-on-One Interviews Over A Survey?

In countless meetings and conference calls to discuss potential research projects, one of the most common questions I receive is, “Should I do focus groups or a survey for this project?” or, “Are interviews better than focus groups?” Read More

Brand Value and Corporate Value: Joined at the Hip for Eternity

Continuing on in our brand measurement blog series, this week we explore how brand value is indeed company value, and how every company should concern itself to some degree with increasing the value that can be derived from its brand. Read More

The Basis for Brand Value - And How to Measure It

Since the printing press made its debut onto the scene circa 1440, the value of a name or mark to distinguish your message or cooperative has steadily increased. In today’s digital marketplace, where impressions only require a source server, a network ... Read More