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Creating an Effective Concept Stimulus for Market Research Testing: Three Simple Rules

As a primary marketing research firm focused on product development and innovation research, we are often required to present stimuli to test new concepts in both quantitative and qualitative research environments. This is an absolute necessity in ... Read More

Comprehensive Concept Testing - What It Is and Why It Matters

Earlier this year, we published a blog series based on forecasting, which generated quite a bit of discussion on a number of fronts. The main focus of the dialog centered on the need for more ... Read More

The Collaborative Persona Development Process

Throughout our series so far, we have discussed the many reasons to develop personas for more effective and efficient marketing and product management, and several elements of a tactical plan to create them. What we have ... Read More

Revolutionary Products Risk Product Failure

This post is the sixth and final blog in a series on the 5 Common Flaws that Lead to Product Failure. To access the whole message, ... Read More

Products that Require Consumer Education May Lead to Product Failure

This post is the fifth in a series on the 5 Common Flaws that Lead to Product Failure. To access the ... Read More

Higher Product Success Rates Lie in Better Volumetric Forecasting

  New product or service development efforts often fall short of expectations. There are volumes of information written to address this problem, ranging from doing a more effective job of listening to customers ... Read More

Time to Leave PowerPoint for Market Research Reporting? Maybe Not Yet.

This month's Quirk's featured an interesting and provocative (if you are a market researcher, we don't get out much) letter to PowerPoint, saying it may be time to end the relationship. Read More

How to Integrate Market Research into Making Truly Great Products

Truly great products are not designed by their consumers. Rather, they lead them to new places. Recently, Read More

Segmentation Your Sales Team Will Own

If you can engage your sales team in creating your target audience segmentation, you can do marketing like a boss. Creating effective segmentation schemes for our clients is a topic near and dear to our hearts. ... Read More

Why You Need to Consider Your Customer AND Their Support Team's Needs

Considering Only Your Customer Just Isn't Enough Your audience has many decision makers. Successful marketing considers them all. Let’s start ... Read More