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Insight Streamer LifeCycle - Preparing Your Team in Pre-Sales Activities

This quarter we’re sharing the concrete benefits of Insight Streamer LifeCycle, our micro survey solution that follows a product from initial idea to product refinement, and beyond. Read More

Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint for Deeper Product Insights Pt 2

Our team has been on a mission to provide concrete examples of the benefits of our service Insight Streamer LifeCycle. Designed to follow your product from upstream to downstream, Insight Streamer LifeCycle is a series of micro surveys developed to ... Read More

The Beginning of a Product’s Lifecycle – The Market Assessment Research Study

Insight Streamer LifeCycle is designed to compile results from different market research survey-based studies and ad ... Read More

5 Signs You're Not Working With The Right Research Experts

If you saw our blog last week on working with research experts, you may already be working with a market research consultancy, and yet you still may be asking yourself, “how do I know I am working with the ... Read More

6 Warning Signs You Need to Call the Research Experts

As a product marketer, manager, senior executive or product engineer, you need to have solid insight into what makes your markets and customers tick. While there are sources ... Read More

Dashboard Reporting Makes Greater Collaboration Possible

Collaboration Picture this – our research team has just wrapped up a long custom research project. We have prepared a report with tons of great ... Read More

Uses of Segmentation

Segmentation Research is Complete – The Next Step Segmentation research will tell you a great deal about your customers. Performed correctly and thoroughly, segmentation research will ... Read More

Behavioral Segmentation - It's What Your Customers Do

Defining Behavioral Segmentations Behavioral and transactional segmentation looks at the habits of your customers to determine useful groupings which may then be used for other purposes, including ... Read More

Black Friday Nears: Fast, Fun and Factual Stats

Are you part of the 2% of Americans who have already completed their holiday shopping for the year? I’m certainly not. Read More

Recommended Intervals Between Customer Experience Studies

The customer experience is a crucial aspect of business/product success. Whether your company serves the B2C or B2B market, customer experience impacts your new and recurring sales. At a time when anyone ... Read More