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Utilizing Quick-Hit Research for Brand Measurement & Tracking

Companies that offer consumer products and services rely, to a large extent, on repeat business from their customers. Using tracking studies as a way to gauge current results in relation to past performance ... Read More

Quick-Hit Research for Digital Technology

Digital technology is known for its rapid advancement. Companies in the industry are constantly making incremental changes to their products in order to keep up with the competition. Read More

Quick-Hit Research for Medical and Dental Fields

The following case study is an example specifically from the medical field. We’ve discovered that the quick-hit research model also works exceptionally well in the dental industry. Read More

Quick-Hit Research Is for B2B Too

Gee, Must Be Nice, B2C Most quick-hit research solutions are designed for the B2C industry. It’s easy to understand why – consumer audiences are far easier to reach, making sampling and incentive costs ... Read More

The Advantages of Quick-Hit Research

Speed The most obvious benefit of quick-hit research is the timely return of research data. Traditional custom research comes with a pretty serious time commitment, as most ... Read More

A Sample is Not a Research Project

Lists Are Not the Answer As a marketer, I’m no stranger to the subject line, “Do you need contacts in X industry?” It must come through my inbox at ... Read More

Qualitative Answers that Lead to Quantitative Questions

In contrast to quantitative research studies, which are often designed with a pre-formed hypothesis in mind, qualitative research studies are developed from a pretty open mindset. Qualitative research is about casting your net deeply, rather than ... Read More

Do You Know What Marketing Insights Look Like? Take Our Quiz!

In preparation for our marketing insights series, I took a look at a lot of insight content out there. And let me tell you, while there is a lot of content out there, it seems to be rather light on insight. My big takeaway from all this ... Read More

Scientific Solutions for Complicated Situations

When Things Get Complicated Sometimes our clients come to us with pre-formed hypotheses to test and sometimes they come equipped with questions they need answered. Either way, things in the world of market research are often ... Read More

Brand As a Component of Broader Research Goals

A Component of Broader Research Goals Over the past several weeks, we’ve covered many aspects of brand research, from the pillars that support brand research to the potential benefits of conducting a brand study. Now, we turn our focus to ... Read More