Black Friday Nears: Fast, Fun and Factual Stats

Fun Facts for you as the Major Shopping Holiday Draws Closer

Are you part of the 2% of Americans who have already completed their holiday shopping for the year? I’m certainly not.

In fact, I feel we’ve officially entered that familiar time of year when people start talking about how quickly time has passed and how they can’t believe November is almost over. Soon, the great hustle and bustle of holiday shopping that seems to take over the month of December will have set in.

But for us frugal shoppers, the deal-hunting champions, the major event is just a few days away. So whether you’re the spot-holder in line, the one scouring the racks and shelves in  the over-crowded stores, or the one that opts for cyber deals and enjoys shopping from the comfort of your pjs, here are some fun facts to help you pass the time.



We all recognize “Black Friday” as it relates to profit. It’s a day when retailers profits go into the black – meaning big money, but did you know that, although the day can make up 30% of a retailers’ annual sales, the profit explanation is not the true origin of the name?

The term originated in Philadelphia. Police gave the moniker to the day after Thanksgiving because crowds flooded the city for both the shopping and the Army vs Navy game. Officers had to work long, mandatory shifts on these days for crowd control. This ‘dark’ day for officers and their families became known as ‘Black Friday’, and many years after this term was in common use in Philly, it spread across the US and eventually the world.


Putting Up the Big Numbers

Stats from the National Retail Federation show Americans spent roughly $655.8 billion on holiday shopping last year. This year, they predict a 4% increase to $682.0 billion.

The per-shopper average comes out to $967.13.


Crazy Crowds All Weekend

32 million Americans plan to shop on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

115 million will hit the store on Friday.

71 million will continue to shop on Saturday, with 43% saying they’re heading out specifically to support Small Business Saturday.

35 million will still be out seeking deals on Sunday.

78 million are expected to seek out cyber deals come Monday.


Ahead of the Curve?

56 % of Americans have already started their holiday shopping.

12% are halfway done.

2% have already finished.


Why We Shop

66% of Americans are looking to take advantage of those sweet retail deals.

35% feel shopping during the holidays is a family tradition.

26% are heading out for the tradition of shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend.

23% are just looking for something to do over the long, holiday weekend.

23% say the holiday decorations are part of what they enjoy about shopping this time of year.

18% are on the lookout for that perfect gift.


Black Friday at Actionable

Our team holds a wide array of feelings for the shopping day. While some of us would prefer to focus on the holiday, others greatly look forward to getting those deals, and some are reluctant, preferring to shop online or telling themselves they won’t go out, but finding themselves in stores anyway.

Whatever your approach to Black Friday, Actionable is thankful for you, and wishes you a happy holiday season full of great times with friends and family!


More Fast Facts

If you’re interested in any of the stats listed above, or you just want to find more, check out the following sources:

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