Is Insight Streamer Right for Your Marketing Research Needs?

Take our 2-minute quiz to determine whether or not this quick-hit platform is right for your next marketing research project!

If you've been reading our blog, you know that Insight Streamer is our new semi-self-service, hybrid research platform designed to give you the insights you need quickly and affordably. If you'd wondered whether Insight Streamer is right for you, now's your chance to find out. Answer the questions below to discover whether or not Insight Streamer by Actionable Research is the right fit for your current or upcoming research efforts.

  1. How would you best describe the insights that you need now?
    1. I just need quick insights into one or two key issues.
    2. I have a lot of questions and not many answers.
    3. I like to ask so many questions that respondents fall asleep before finishing my surveys.

 If you answered anything other than “a” for question 1, Insight Streamer is not right for your current needs. Insight Streamer is designed to produce insights into a small number of issues quickly. If you answered “c”, give us a call. You need some help…


  1. How would you describe the audience you need to connect with?
    1. There are just a couple of specific criteria that would qualify a respondent to take my survey.
    2. Only very specific respondents would qualify for my survey.
    3. Asking more than 10 screener questions is my specialty.

If you answered “a” for question 2, Insight Streamer is a good option. If it takes more than just a few questions to qualify someone you might be better suited for a full custom study that allows for that granularity. Asking too many screener questions is just asking for trouble anyway.


  1. How developed are your potential questions so far?
    1. I have my questions fully developed, they just need review.
    2. I have my ideas together, I just need some help getting them into shape for a survey.
    3. I have no idea what I need or how to ask them.

If you answered “a” for question 3, Insight Streamer is a perfect option. We will take what you provide and give you feedback, which may or may not include suggested changes. If you answered “b” or "c" Insight Streamer may still be viable option if your answers to questions 1 and 2 are appropriate; though, answering "c" may indicate a more traditional custom research study may be right for you.


  1. What kind of reporting are you expecting for your study?
    1. I need a summary report with the key analyzed details that I can present to management and make decisions with.
    2. I need a fully analyzed report of at least 50 pages that has every question segmented by every way possible.
    3. I’d like to publish my report in a journal without any changes.

If you answered “a” for question 3, Insight Streamer is a great fit. Insight Streamer reports contain fully analyzed data in a summary format with infographic-style reporting. One of our researchers analyzes the data and gives you a narrative report that answers your key questions. If you need more than this, a full custom report may be in order.


  1. How would you categorize your research budget for this study?
    1. I have a moderate budget that is ready to go now.
    2. I have a large budget that I need to spend this quarter or I lose it.
    3. Money is no object.

Actually, any of these are fine. Insight Streamer projects are moderately priced because they most closely match answer “a” for all of the previous questions.


Kidding aside, Insight Streamer is designed to fit the quick-hit research needs of today. Insight Streamer studies are focused on a small number of objectives, answer a handful of specific questions, require a minimal amount of respondent screening, provide fully analyzed summary reports, and cost much less than long-form research. The process relies on you to help develop the questions, or at least have the information handy so we can develop the questions together. If results show Insight Streamer is right for you, contact us today! We can provide you with the information you need to get your project in motion.

Actionable Research has been conducting research of all sizes and audiences for more than 15 years. Even if your needs do not match the ideal Insight Streamer scenario, we would love to speak with you. No matter what your research need is, rest assured Actionable has the experience and expertise needed to assist you. Just reach out when you're ready.

Insight Streamer Delivers Results Quickly and Affordably