Market Research is Catching Up to the Mobile Revolution

The Mobile Revolution Whether you like it or not, the reality is we live in a mobile world. Long gone are the days when the phone was attached by a long cord that you use to have pull ... Read More

For Dashboard-Delivered Market Research Insights, Access Control Means More Freedom

Based on our experiences working with large companies who have multiple market research stakeholders, I can say it is easy to see the challenge in distributing research results. One of our long-term clients ... Read More

Dashboard Reporting Makes Greater Collaboration Possible

Collaboration Picture this – our research team has just wrapped up a long custom research project. We have prepared a report with tons of great ... Read More

It’s Alive! Dashboarding for Interactive Marketing Research Results

by Katie
The world has gone digital. Period. Those of us with desktop printers and file cabinets can fight it all we want, but the fact is, paper has long since become a medium of the past. Local and online access to every document and file we have ever ... Read More

How to Keep Your Marketing Research Insights Alive

The Trouble with Static Slides As marketing researchers, we know how challenging it can be to communicate marketing research insights, perhaps feeling this pain more acutely than any ... Read More

Uses of Segmentation

Segmentation Research is Complete – The Next Step Segmentation research will tell you a great deal about your customers. Performed correctly and thoroughly, segmentation research will ... Read More

Tracking - The Swiss Army Knife of Market Research

When it comes to market research, there are a few methodologies that are tried-and-true, work within a number of industry verticals, and are generally useful skills to have. One of those methods, the Swiss ... Read More

Attitudinal Segmentation - It's How Your Customers See the World

To round out our blog series on segmentation, we are focusing today on attitudinal segmentation. This topic is a third layer deep as far as segmentation goes, and, along with Read More

Behavioral Segmentation - It's What Your Customers Do

Defining Behavioral Segmentations Behavioral and transactional segmentation looks at the habits of your customers to determine useful groupings which may then be used for other purposes, including ... Read More

Demographic & Firmographic Segmentation

So far we have covered geographic segmentation and Read More