Insight Streamer LifeCycle - Preparing Your Team in Pre-Sales Activities

A case study of a study conducted as part of Insight Streamer LifeCycle that helped prepare our client to conduct pre-sales activities, like segmentation and messaging and positioning.

This quarter we’re sharing the concrete benefits of Insight Streamer LifeCycle, our micro survey solution that follows a product from initial idea to product refinement, and beyond.

We’re examining these benefits through the lens of a particular capital equipment and consumable medical product for which we performed several LifeCycle studies.


Continuing the Story

Thus far, we’ve covered initial market assessment and conjoint analysis, both for attributes and pricing. In our final pre-launch case study, we look at pre-sales activities (segmentation, as well as messaging and positioning). Let’s dive in!


Pre-Sales Activities

Once our client had discovered the preferred configuration and pricing of their product through the conjoint results, it became time to focus on prepping for the product launch. From a sales standpoint, our client had many questions: what was the general impression of their product and which messaging would resonate best with their audiences? Speaking of audiences, how many different audiences were they looking at? How many messages needed to be developed? We listened to these concerns and suggested a combined segmentation and messaging study.


Segmentation Results

A quick segmentation study narrowed down their target audience and revealed their primary end users were specialty surgeons in the US and Germany, while their primary buyers were facilities and procurement managers. Most of these professionals worked in acute-care hospitals of 200+ beds. Smaller segments of the same titles worked in medium-sized acute care hospitals (100-200 beds) and ambulatory surgery centers.


Messaging and Positioning Results

We tested 6 statements with each respondent. It became clear that message C and E messages left a positive impact on US respondents, but the other 4 weren’t likely to catch the attention of either the surgeon or the procurement manager.

Alternatively, the German surgeons were drawn to message F while the procurement managers reacted most favorably to message A, and both had a negative reaction to message B.

Finally, we were able to highlight some specific journals where advertising may reach a higher percentage of the client’s audience, as both German and American audiences identified these as trusted resources.


Dashboarding = Speed and Efficiency

All results from Insight Streamer LifeCycle projects live in a unified dashboard created specifically for our client. Actionable Research’s EverStream Reporter gives our clients access to an interactive platform where they can filter or compare by segment, view detailed answers to open-ended questions, and perform ad hoc analysis in the cross-table tool.

Because this client already had a dashboard (from the earlier LifeCycle studies), we were able to add their pre-sales activities data to that dashboard, providing access to results very quickly. They used this information to move forward with the development of marketing materials and internal sales guides, helping them prepare for a successful product launch!


Follow the Story

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