What Business Development Research Can Do For Our Clients

Business Development Research aids our clients throughout and following the challenging process of decision making in business transactions, be they mergers and acquisitions, licensing of intellectual property or becoming a channel for a partner's new or existing products. Our research can assist with the following pain points to enable a positive post-transaction relationship:

  • Identifying targets for acquisition
  • Due Diligence
  • Integration and expectations



How Business Development Research Works

Actionable Research uses the following specialized methods to debrief sources within your market and offer third-party intelligence on their claims:

  • ClaimSort and Primary Value Determination Studies – Used to match priorities with the benefits of products or services offered by target companies or intellectual property owners.
  • Brand Measurement Studies – To assist in measuring the strength of an existing brand and its equity, to assist in calculating goodwill, brand match or estimating customer perception impact.
  • Voice of the Customer/Loyalty Tracking Studies – To validate information provided regarding customer satisfaction, Net Promoter scores or match with existing company values and operations.



Our Business Development Experience

Actionable Research has performed Business Development Research to aid our clients in the process of mergers and acquisitions, including the integration process, for over 15 years. Our research has a particular emphasis on looking ahead to focus on creating a positive post-transaction relationship between companies.


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