Actionable Research knows that business services can be difficult to effectively research because decision criteria are more diverse and stakeholders are harder to engage. We also understand that business services are essential to the companies and their stakeholders who utilize them.

We have been focused on business service marketing research for over 15 years, and are one of few highly focused primary research firms with this specific experience.


Not Asking Is Not Knowing

Actionable Research has delivered primary marketing research services for a number of well-known business service providers and generated results which have refined, or changed, offerings and plans based on the following research objectives:

  • Determining the optimal messaging and positioning
  • Audience targeting and refinement
  • Most frequently mentioned value proposition
  • How to prioritize service modifications or additions
  • Identification of specific pain points in service delivery
  • Customer loyalty optimization
  • Improve business efficiency

We consistently answer these objectives with clear and tangible results.


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