What Concept Testing Does For Our Clients


Concept testing projects help our clients to receive insights on the following objectives:

  • Who is really interested in buying my products (and why)?
  • Who isn’t really interested in buying my products (and why not)?
  • What is most special about the product under test?
  • How badly do the audience members want the product under test?
  • Which version of the product under test is best as the lead product?



How Concept Testing Works


Concept testing involves several steps, including determining the target audience for the research, understanding any large segmentations of the audience based on usage and buying behaviors and attitudes surrounding the value proposition of the product under test. Actionable Research focuses on the following elements to determine these key parameters:

  • Product usage behavior
  • Psychographics
  • Adopter profile
  • Life priorities
  • Networking profile

Actionable Research has a strategically designed process to test concepts, which offers insights into the following:

  • Urgency
  • Solution fit
  • Adoption velocity
  • Market impact

Contact us for a more detailed view of our concept testing methodology and how it can specifically meet your needs.



Our Concept Testing Experience


Actionable Research has conducted concept tests in nearly every specialty area. Among the most notable concept tests:

  • A new novel diagnostic for the assessment of cardiac risk
  • A new automated sample handling system for biopharma labs
  • A new arthroscopic ablation instrument
  • A new non-invasive hemodynamic monitor
  • A new implantable cardiac device
  • A new endoscope reprocessor
  • Many new dental materials and products
  • A new orthodontic tooth movement acceleration device
  • Dozens more

Digital Technology

  • A new non-linear video editor
  • A new home automation solution
  • A new line of special effects plug-ins
  • Many more

Consumer and Business Services

  • A payroll service designed for small business
  • A business security monitoring service
  • A new baseball cap custom ordering environment.


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