Founding Principal

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About David:

David founded Actionable Research in 2001 with the goal of developing marketing research solutions custom-tailored to the unique requirements of clients. His natural passion for discovering the attitudes and emotions behind the opinions and behaviors of the people around him is a perfect fit for marketing research, a field that allows David to think about the things he enjoys thinking about most.

David has performed, designed and/or coached well over 375 primary research projects over the last 22 years, for companies including Johnson and Johnson, 3M Healthcare, Align Technology, Bio-Rad, NVIDIA, and many others.

During his time off, David actively explores his passion for music – be it writing or performing on drums. His band, The Rewinders, recently released their third album, The Rewinders 3, which can be found on Spotify here. David’s other interests include hot yoga, wake surfing, spending time with his 6 children and keeping up with the latest trends in the healthcare and technology marketplaces. David holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.



“Immaturity craves the spectacular.” – Dallas Willard

David Cristofaro, Founding Principal