Project Scope Guidelines for Insight Streamer

Insight Streamer by Actionable Research is designed to provide accelerated and affordable, actionable marketing research insights for today's pace of intelligence gathering.

It is important to note that not every new primary research project will fit into Insight Streamer's sweet spot. Here are a few guidelines to help you know when a project is a good fit for Insight Streamer:

Insight Streamer projects are single methodology projects that include 10-12 questions (not including screener questions) and are designed to offer a guided self-service experience for the following project types:

  • Types of Projects

    • Awareness, Attitudes and Usage

      • Awareness, attitudes and Usage studies are designed to uncover these three particular things; the degree to which your customer is aware of your company, brand or products, their attitudes surrounding the same, and their usage within the category of interest.
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    • Concept Testing

      • Concept testing is all about understanding what is relevant about a new or updated product or service you are considering for release or further development. Insight Streamer makes use of Actionable Research's time tested method for concept evaluation. 
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    • Exploratory (General)

      • Exploratory projects are just that; enable the use of exploratory questions which can employ a higher number of open ended questions that is typically recommended for short quantitative studies.
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    • MaxDiff

      • MaxDiff enables you to rank a series of attributes, features, or options utilizing a series of best-worst questions.
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    • Pricing Study

      • Insight Streamer can leverage either a Gabor-Granger Price Wheel or a Van Westendorp Price Meter question set to evaluate price elasticity, best initial price, and value-based price points.
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    • Satisfaction and Loyalty

      • Satisfaction and loyalty is designed to understand how different key areas of a product or service impact a customer's willingness to purchase or recommend a particular product.   
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    • Segmentation

      • Attitudinal segmentation questions enable you to sort or segment respondents based on similar opinions or beliefs on one or more topics, and discover hidden segments of your customer or prospect population that you can leverage for more personalized marketing and communications. 
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  • Additional Question Types Within Insight Streamer

    • Screener

      • Screener questions are used to ensure your recruited survey respondents are relevant to your research effort. This requires thoughtful design, a key area where Insight Streamer shines when compared to full do it yourself survey and recruiting tools. 
    • Behavior

      • Behavior questions are all about your audience's behaviors; about what they do. They are not about what they buy, prefer or believe, as these are addressed through a different category of questions. 
    • Brand/Product Usage

      • Brand and product usage questions are a special type of behavior question that deals with their actual buying habits and their preferences for both brands and/or products or services.
    • Performance Ratings/Rankings

      • Performance rating/ranking questions are integral to study types which require an understanding of which product or service characteristics (also called attributes) are delivering their value as expected, above or below expectations. 
    • Organization-Specific Questions (Firmographics)

      • Just as demographics deal with the vital indentifying features of respondents, firmographics are the vital identifying features of organizations.
    • Questions Limits

      • Insight Streamer projects are limited to 12 questions, not including screening questions. We can assist in helping you determine if your project is a good fit for Insight Streamer.   
  • Deliverables

    • Consultation

      • Self-service survey and reporting tools expect you to bring all the expertise and do all the heavy lifting. Insight Streamer is a hybrid self-service marketing research environment, where you can count on a researcher's assistance in the areas it is needed most:
        • Survey Development

          • Help with question wording, choices regarding question formats and question ordering are high on most people's list of areas where help is desired.
        • Audience Recruitment and Engagement

          • Ensuring the right people are targeted for your project and crafting the right questions to screen in the right people (and screen out the gift hunters) is where researcher assistance is highly valued. 
        • Analysis & Reporting

          • Analysis of your project's data and drawing the right conclusions based on your hypotheses and receiving a researcher-drafted set of key findings and recommendations is a key value of Insight Streamer, and sets it apart from other self-service offerings. 

  Full Scale, Custom Primary Research is Still Important


Sometimes, there is a need to ask many more questions regarding a particular subject, be it a more detailed product design inquiry, a discrete choice exercise such as conjoint, or a more omnibus study to capture the state of a marketplace or consumer trend.

Other times, the audience is just too challenging to engage for such a short list of questions, and this justifies the integration of more than one Insight Streamer methodology into a single project. 

While we all yearn for the day when we can dictate our research needs to our robotic assistant who will carry our our every task (and we are working on this too!), our market research efforts aren't quite ready for this kind of automation just yet. Let us help you with  


  Still Have Questions?
With nearly 20 years of experience in custom marketing research, Actionable Research can quickly offer you guidance on the best plan of action to ensure you receive the greatest value for your investment.  Call us today today for a brief consultation with a researcher to understand your best next steps.
  Additional Factors
While Insight Streamer may be the right service for your project scope, please also review our Insight Streamer guidelines regarding budget and timelines and target audience that may impact whether Insight Streamer will be right for your needs. Check out these additional factors by clicking on their respective links.