Target Audience

Insight Streamer is designed for robust access to your audiences. Through access to more than 5 million panelists covering more than 10 countries (with more on the way), both B2C and B2B samples can be acquired in a little as 2 days.

    • Business to Consumer (B2C) Audiences

      • Insight Streamer enables access to target audiences based on all critical demographic and some behavioral attributes:
      • Demographics: Age, gender, marital and family status, education, income level, employment and more
      • Behavioral: Purchases, hobbies, etc.
      • Psychographics: Attitudes, future plans, etc. 
      • Custom: Insight Streamer will accept up to three screener criteria, for B2C incidences over 35%. 
    • Business to Business (B2B) Audiences

      • With Actionable Research's deep and broad background in B2B and healthcare/professional marketing research, Insight Streamer is a powerful choice for professional titles meeting these research needs. 
      • Insight Streamer will accept up to three screener criteria for B2B incidences over 50%

  Narrowing Your Criteria

The way marketing research professionals rate the difficulty of achieving a number of complete surveys is based on audience size and incidence. These two factors will determine how long it takes to gather your sample.

Audience size is the total number of people in your audience. If that group is women in the US, it is about 160 million. If it is endodontists in the US, it is closer to 2,500.

Incidence is the percent of the people above who would qualify for your survey. If it is women in the US over 65, You can see how trying to get 100 completed surveys from endodontists who do that many root canals may take a long time (like forever).

Insight Streamer allows for up to three screening criteria, provided the incidence among the sampled population is greater than 35% for consumer samples, and over 50% for business to business samples. Professional samples (clinicians of all kinds, accountants, etc.) are handled on a case by case basis. If you are not sure how your target audience stacks up, contact us, and we will let you know pronto.


  Is Insight Streamer Right for You?
If what you've read so far sounds good to you, continue on to the additional factors that influence whether Insight Streamer will be right for you.  If not, your research needs may be a better candidate for a custom research study. Don't fret - we offer those too! With 17 years of experience in custom marketing research, Actionable has the capability to meet your needs - whatever they may be. Contact us today for a brief consultation on our research recommendations.
  Additional Factors
While Insight Streamer may be the right service for your audience type, there are the additional factors of budgets, timelines and project scope. Check out these additional factors by clicking the links.