Your Role

Your role intersects with so many within your organization, and so many turn to you for insights into their audiences. You frequently work closely with marketing and brand teams, consulting for them on a significant number of initiatives to better understand customers, their needs, behaviors and requirements. You assist with brand measurement, price elasticity and forecasting and many other initiatives designed to allow your business to stay abreast with your customers.

Most important, you frequently have to translate what you hear from internal business leaders into language that researchers can assimilate and understand, and serve as a company and product expert on your side to allow external research vendors to create solid and effective project plans that deliver actionable research results.

Your unique position makes you an essential hub in your organization. You are not only responsible for staying up to date on current customer data, but also the latest and greatest in market research techniques and technologies, making you the ‘go to’ source in your company.


How We Add Value

We at Actionable Research know your market intimately and can work as an extension of your internal team, minimizing the time you need to spend bringing a vendor along a learning curve. We are also experts at gathering market research data and extracting insights that are in the spoken language of your internal stakeholders. 

From quick-hit, single objective studies to in-depth tracking studies and multi-country conjoint, we have you covered. Whether an online survey, series of in-depth interviews or set of focus groups, our team is ready to design and execute the research that will deliver the answers you need. Among some recent examples:

  • A persona development research study that employs both one-on-one conversations and an online survey to determine user segments based on needs and key attitudinal components;
  • A series of one on one interviews designed to better inform a customer experience measurement effort;
  • An adaptive choice-based conjoint (ACBC) study aimed at determining the most valued features of a number of dental products;
  • An AAU study that incorporates the essential components of brand value – knowledge and awareness, purchase habits and loyalty, and beliefs and intentions.
  • Many more

Give us the chance to share our unique approach to problem solving and ensuring our research hits the target. We will be a partner you can count on in all internal client interactions.


Resources for Insights/Market Research Manager