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In the rapidly-moving world of medical devices, it has never been more important to have a clear, business results-defined primary research strategy. Actionable Research provides full-service research projects focused on the core issues facing medical device product managers, product marketers, marketing managers and R&D engineers through innovative approaches designed to achieve measurable business results.

Reproducible Innovation Measurement through Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Our product development and innovation methodologies enable a detailed understanding of our clients' new product, concept or services’ opportunities in their respective markets. Actionable Research takes a foundational approach to discovering a new product or concept's primary value and the degree it is a preferable solution compared to current products in use.


Market Adoption and Pricing Studies – Conjoint Analysis and Beyond

Medical Device Price Elasticity and Demand Market Research projects designed and delivered by Actionable Research bring several approaches to determining product adoption, including several different choice-based methods. We have several years' experience with the newest techniques involving choice-based conjoint methods which narrow the consideration set of attributes and claims effectively on a user-by-user basis, and have proven to be very effective for determining an optimal price at remarkably cost effective sample sizes.

The adoption of any medical device is a composite consideration of its value, your market presence and its price. Ensuring you have the right design, optimal product positioning and messaging and pricing are all of paramount concern in today's environment.

Medical Device Messaging and Positioning Development Exercises are qualitative in nature and center on themes, narratives and claims which best describe an innovation and also resonate with the target audience. These are applications that leverage Actionable Research's ClaimSort methods, but are specifically designed to address messages and positioning statements and narratives.
Both of the above inform further quantitative validation methods Actionable Research employs to quantify more specifically the opportunities and challenges new concepts or product innovations will experience.

ClaimSort and Primary Value Tests are qualitative in nature and center on decision-making criteria based on the a target audience's primary needs. Conducted in groups (online or in person) or through one on one in-depth interviews (IDIs), the focus of this step is insight gathering to surface the most important claims and capabilities a new concept must address and a comparative to the innovation (be it a new concept or product iteration) being tested. These exercises can include detailed medical device concept testing.


Clinical Utility and Value Testing - Clinical Research to Prove Device Value

Clinical Utility and Value Studies - Actionable Research has developed a platform and the expertise required to offer our clients studies involving actual patient cases and real-world experiences. Through the design and implementation of a research plan including an IRB reviewed protocol, the gathering of patient consents in a HIPPA compliant fashion and through a well crafted instrument designed to validate a value hypothesis, Actionable Research can add to your clinical data arsenal to competitively enter new institutions and customer trials.
For more details, see the white paper, "How to Use Cost Effective Clinical Utility Studies to Quantify Clinical Value".

Brand Measurement and Customer Experience Measurement

Brand Measurement and Customer Experience Measurement projects are designed and conducted by Actionable Research worldwide targeting medical professionals, sales reps, distribution partners, patients, standards bodies and other key constituencies. Our in-field experience, coupled with our professional market research capabilities, has garnered us long-term relationships with highly respected product management, product marketing, R&D engineering and senior executives in the medical device marketplace.

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