What Recommendation Optimization Does For Our Clients

Recommendation Optimization enables our clients to understand more about health care professionals who are recommending their products, such as:

  • Internal committees charged with product decisions in a hospital or ambulatory care environment
  • Procurement staff
  • Patients

This methodology also provides insight to the factors behind their recommendations, such as:

  • The process of decision making
  • Core components which distinguish the last products standing
  • Key points of value for their product or service
  • Communication styles, narratives and stories used for patient recommendations



How Recommendation Optimization Works

Actionable Research applies qualitative methods in the form of one on one interviews with quantitative surveys (for patient oriented recommendations) to ascertain the following:

For Clinicians and HCPs:

  • Understand the decision making process they personally underwent concerning the targeted product (diagnostic, therapy or other)
  • Pinpoint the key decision criteria
  • Gather additional insights

For Patients or Other Stakeholders:

  • Determine level of understanding and involvement in decision criteria
  • Discover hierarchy of needs and role of Clinician or HCP in informing their decisions
  • Gather additional insights



Our Recommendation Optimization Experience

Recommendation Optimization has been applied in the following past project work:

  • Discovering decision criteria and desired future features and capabilities for ICDs and CRT(electrophysiologists and cardiologists)
  • Determining the capabilities that define effective collaboration in radiology between radiologists and physician and surgical specialties
  • Understanding homeopathic remedies’ roles in treating children’s discomfort
  • Understanding dentists’ most effective recommendation methods for power toothbrushes
  • Discovering HR administrators’ most desirable features and services associated with financial services and payroll providers


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