EverStream Reporter is the new engine that powers the live delivery of research results and insights for both Actionable Research's custom projects and Insight Streamer quick-hit research studies.

As an important bridge to ensuring EverStream Reports are available in multiple formats, there is an easy-to-use presentation builder tool, where you can create PowerPoint output from the live online reports and save them for future use. EverStream Reporter offers many powerful features:

  • Collaborative initial setup of the EverStream environment, including significant control over portal look and feel and, as end consumer experience grows, customizable navigation;
  • Rapid new study results deployment, including executive summary dashboarding, live results review including filter and comparison views and ad hoc treatment of free text and cross tabulations;
  • A wide variety of graph and table types;
  • Data weighting and statistical testing for both tabular and graphic results, including ad hoc components;
  • Multiple usernames and project-by-project access rights to different study data;
  • Export of results through a user-friendly interface that preserves the integrity of the results that are delivered by the system.



EverStream Reporter
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