What Pricing & Adoption Modeling Does For Our Clients

These research services are designed to provide insight into product development, product marketing and business development decisions. Pricing research and adoption modeling are listed together because they are typically related to one another; our clients rely on Actionable Research to collectively make billions of dollars’ worth of decisions annually. Among the core insights obtainable through this methodology:

  • Current market state determinations and best practice insights
  • Concept testing and configuration determinations
  • Optimal price and price elasticity determination
  • Market adoption modeling (with and without competitive products)
  • Volumetric forecasting



How Pricing & Adoption Modeling Works


Depending on the project objectives, services of this nature may or may not include qualitative research components, such as focus groups or one-one interviews. If qualitative research is included prior to performing quantitative components, the first phase can define the quantitative research and product details to be considered; or, if qualitative is used as a follow-up to quantitative research, it can illuminate findings to inform product marketing and positioning efforts.

Quantitative efforts include several different methods for providing product configuration choices and include can include not only features, but also capabilities and claims (such as outcome-related claims and degrees of validation of these claims). These methods include Choice-Based Conjoint, Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint, MaxDiff and others.



Our Pricing & Adoption Modeling Experience


Our Price Elasticity and Adoption Modeling methodology has been widely applied for various projects:

Medical and Dental Projects

  • Next generation adoption testing for a line of RF ablation orthopedic surgery instruments
  • Market needs determination and price elasticity for next generation of dental composites
  • Concept test and price elasticity for new CPAP product concept
  • Market adoption testing and price elasticity for cardiac surgery instruments
  • New product test and market adoption for new orthodontic product
  • Market acceptance testing and price elasticity for bench top in-vitro diagnostic platform
  • Next generation adoption and price elasticity testing of electrophoresis products
  • Many more


Digital Technology and CPS Projects have included:

  • Home Automation and Connected Appliances Market Requirements and Adoption Modeling
  • Graphics Processor Market Investigation and Modeling
  • Professional Video Editing and Content Management Platform Price Elasticity and Adoption
  • Accounting System Application Price Elasticity
  • Social Media Network Service Model Investigation
  • Many more

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All projects of this nature can be delivered in their local markets in the US, EU, APAC and Latin America, as well as in several emerging economies in the Middle East and Africa.

To learn more about these services, or our research recommendations for your specific needs, contact us.