What is Pricing and Demand Market Research?

At what price should I sell my products or services? Often, the answer to this question is not clear, and an inquiry of the market is required to validate hypotheses and triangulate the best decision. 

Unfortunately, it is also not a straightforward process. Gathering the information necessary to determine the optimal price for a medical device, clinical diagnostic, new innovation in oral care, biotechnology or other product category requires knowledge of how the systems within which these products operate, the individuals who make up their audiences, and the competitive offerings that are in competition with your product or service. Whether these competitors are products or services like yours, or alternative ways of doing things, they all have an impact on the price you can successfully set for your product or service. 

Pricing and Demand Research is the Path to Effective Forecasting

Most important perhaps, the process of determining price and demand curves enables more effective forecasting. To read further on the subject, please download our eBook, 8 Tips for More Accurate Demand Forecasting.

How Pricing and Demand Market Research Works


Several Methodologies to Choose From, Depending on Your Unique Needs

As has been the case when considering other research methodologies, the optimal method for any particular situation is based on the products under consideration, the desired insights to be gleaned from the study, the stage of development the product is in at the time of the study, and the additional needs for the research.

At Actionable Research, a majority of projects requiring a price range to be determined that are coupled with a product configuration that can be varied in discrete ways make use of an adaptive choice-based conjoint analysis (ACBC) methodology. This offers significant flexibility for the study designers, it employs solid statistical methods for the evaluation of data 




Our Pricing & Demand Market Research Experience


Our Price Elasticity and Adoption Modeling methodology has been widely applied for various projects:

Medical Dental and Biotechnology Projects

  • Next generation adoption testing for a line of RF ablation orthopedic surgery instruments
  • Market needs determination and price elasticity for next generation of dental composites
  • Concept test and price elasticity for new CPAP product concept
  • Market adoption testing and price elasticity for cardiac surgery instruments
  • New product test and market adoption for new orthodontic product
  • Market acceptance testing and price elasticity for bench top in-vitro diagnostic platform
  • Next generation adoption and price elasticity testing of electrophoresis products
  • Many more


Information Technology and CPS Projects have included:

  • Home Automation and Connected Appliances Market Requirements and Adoption Modeling
  • Graphics Processor Market Investigation and Modeling
  • Professional Video Editing and Content Management Platform Price Elasticity and Adoption
  • Accounting System Application Price Elasticity
  • Social Media Network Service Model Investigation
  • Many more

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All projects of this nature can be delivered in their local markets in the US, EU, APAC and Latin America, as well as in several emerging economies in the Middle East and Africa.

To learn more about these services, or our research recommendations for your specific needs, contact us.