What Messaging & Positioning Does For Our Clients


Messaging and Positioning are the bedrock of product marketing. Where the concept test and adoption modeling are about product appeal, messaging and positioning research is about the spot a product or service carves out in the mind of the prospect.

Messaging and positioning research provides the following insights:

  • The main key benefits that connect a product concept to its customers and prospects
  • A determination of the best narrative to describe a product or service
  • The discovery of the meaning of your product or service to your customers and prospects



How Messaging & Positioning Works


Messaging and positioning research is almost always qualitative at the outset. It is very challenging to understand how a product or service affects a person without an interactive dialog, at least to start.

The components are as follows:

  • Understand the individual and motivators for decision and actions which are within the context of the subject product or service;
  • Determine the primary meaning of the product or service to the audience member
  • Investigate segmentation opportunities and like minded groups



Our Messaging & Positioning Experience


Actionable Research has performed this service for on a variety of projects, such as:

Medical and Dental:

  • Best message determination for a new CPAP system
  • Discovery of most effective messaging for pharmaceutical delivery device (and concept test)
  • Core value determination for a new and innovative dental hygiene device
  • Messaging and positioning optimization for a new dental composite material
  • Core value determination for a dermal filler product
  • Discovery of primary value for video effects
  • Core value of molecular modeling software

Digital Technology and Consumer Products and Services:

  • Discovery of primary value of relocation resources website
  • Core value determination of thin-client delivery method for engineering and medial creation applications


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