What Loyalty Tracking Does For Our Clients

Customer loyalty research helps our clients to determine how committed their customers are to their products and/or services. Having actionable insights regarding the most important drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty can help a company to:

  • Institute improvements which provide the greatest return on their investment
  • Insure they remain ahead of competitors
  • Develop more detailed action plans for improvements and corrective actions
  • Increase NPS and profitability metrics



How Loyalty Tracking Works

Actionable Research has two core methodologies, which are used to measure and track customer loyalty:

  • Interval-based Tracking Studies (typically on 12-24 month intervals)
  • Continuous Tracking Studies (Event-Driven Loyalty)



Our Loyalty Tracking Experience

Actionable Research has performed Loyalty Tracking studies in all of our core markets, delivering both interval-based and continuous studies.

  • Customer loyalty modeling and tracking for dental implant technology
  • Clinician perception and customer loyalty tracking for orthodontic appliances
  • Customer loyalty modeling and tracking for CPAP Products
  • Global customer loyalty tracking for Life Sciences Products
  • Global customer loyalty tracking for imaging software
  • Many more


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