What_It_Does.png    What Segmentation Does For Our Clients


Segmentation methods help our clients to target their product development and marketing efforts to a specific audience or group, or find audiences who are particularly interested in our clients’ products or services.

Actionable Research focuses on the following types of segmentations:

  • Behavioral
  • Practice metric
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Needs-based



How Segmentation Works

Actionable Research uses the following steps as part of our segmentations methodology:

  • Deep exploratory interviews with clients
  • Qualitative interviews with audience members
  • A quantitative survey designed to sort respondents in accordance with hypothesized criteria



Our Segmentation Experience

Actionable Research clients have utilized our segmentation methodologies on the following type of projects:

  • RF ablation instrument use - orthopedic surgeon
  • Homeopathic remedy recommenders and users
  • Orthodontists – aligner users
  • General dentists – cement users
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons – users of minimally invasive techniques
  • Consumers who use homeopathic remedies and natural supplements
  • Consumers who are experiencing hair loss

Digital Technology and Consumer Products and Services

  • Consumers who create edit and share video
  • Businesses who use payroll services


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