Your Role

The role of product manager is frequently referred to as the "Product CEO" where the buck stops for everything about that product. Still, the role includes responsibility for deliverables that aren’t under your direct control, and further, when things don’t go as planned, you are the person everyone wants to find.

Creating and improving products that exceed sales expectations requires a great deal of hard work. As product manager, you are responsible for several key steps in product development and management:

  • Gathering product ideas gleaned from your customers or others on your team;
  • Evaluating product options;
  • Integrating them into the product road map and strategy;
  • Moving the concept or product through the development cycle.

When the product has been developed, you make sure that the resources are prepped and available for training employees so that sales cycles, complete with the required tools, are waiting for your product.

After launch, your job is in many ways just beginning as you track sales, renew the product through generational updates, and ultimately retire the product when its usefulness has been exhausted, ensuring, of course, you have a suitable replacement designed to take its place.

How We Add Value

Actionable Research offers a means to get answers to tough questions that aren’t always answered through available market research reports or from within the more experienced members of their management teams. Actionable Research has the experience in your  marketplace to get you affordable answers through:

  • Quantifying the product's value proposition and opportunities for success;
  • Basic interviews of customers and competitive product users;
  • Full international studies focused on usage, preferences, and product trade-off options;
  • Post marketing surveillance to gather insights for next generation product improvements

Custom Research that is Actionable

Our custom research solutions are critical to product managers, putting the spotlight on uncertainties and offering closure for contentious issues. We provide an unbiased view of the market and its response to your product, as opposed to utilizing sales channel feedback, which might not adequately describe the market at large. Actionable Research custom research solutions supply you with the insights you need to make critical product decisions for success.


Resources for Product Managers